Flea Treatment Stops Working after the Second Week

by Jeff Alvinson
(Carlsbad California)

Our 5 year old male Himalayan cat named Raz is an indoor cat,
and since moving to California 14 months has gotten fleas.
He is very sensitive to flea shampoo's, so I use Dawn Dish Soap to kills fleas (left on 5 minutes and then rinsed off). I apply this in the shower once a month to him. After he drys, I then apply Advantage II (for large cats over 9 Lbs.) once a month.
Dispite this monthly routine (plus a lot of regular vacumming of the carpets), his flea come back in about the 3rd week of this
monthly routine, which leaves him scratching and bitting himself in weeks 3 and 4.
I cannot apply flea killer carpet sprays to our 13 month old carpets, because I am deadly allergic to them.
Do you have any suggestions on "safe alternatives" that would help Raz in the second half of each month when his fleas come back?


Sorry I took so long to reply but I was having medical issues. The Advantage product should be doing the job and I don't know why it's not. What you might consider doing is getting your vet to prescribe Revolution. This is what I use on my cats. It is sometimes available online without a prescription from a few companies in Australia.

I wish you luck resolving the problem and wish I could offer a better solution.

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