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I have a feral mother cat that had three kittens. She did not have the kittens at my home. She brought the kittens here several times to eat, but she takes them away afterwards. The kittens are about 6 weeks old now and should be eating everyday now (not just their mothers milk). I do not have a dog, children, or other outside cats. The yard is completely fenced, with a beautiful covered area that the kittens love to play in. However, she never lets them stay long. I did see a male come once, (maybe the father) but he left right away and didn't seem to brother the mother or kittens. I want the kittens to stay. I want to care for all of them. Why does the mother keep taking her kittens away. The mother comes three times a day to eat, but only brings the kittens every few days. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Judy


It would be my guess that she has a safe spot for her kittens and her instincts are to return to that safe spot. It is probably a covered area that offers protection from the elements and predators. There may also be something soft that offers a form of bedding.

As the kittens get older she may stay for longer periods of time but also may not. Cats don't reason things out like we do. They have instincts that serve them well most of the time but not always.

If you have a covered porch area that you could place a small blanket it might tempt the mother to investigate.

I commend you for caring about these little critters who are deserving of a better life...and hopefully they will stay longer with you and receive it.

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