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Your cat's well being is of prime importance. Cats date back millenniums and have been honored for their intelligence. I leave the history of cats to others, because here we are mainly discussing indoor cats that have purred their way into our hearts.

It's no fun to have a sick cat, (for either of you) so we will explore how to keep your cat healthy and avoid those unnecessary trips to the vet...except when their professional expertise is deemed necessary...and there are many such instances.  

I've had many cats in my lifetime. I currently have five of varying ages because they were all strays arriving at different times. Two of my previous calico cats lived to be 19 years and 21 years. During this journey with these wide-eyed little waifs I discovered how to lead them from being kittens to healthy adult cats.

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Senior Cat Health

Senior Cat Diets

Cat Diapers

Trial and error best sums up the journey but I believe the results are worth sharing with some informative cat tips. Every cat has its own unique personality. Although a cat has the reputation of being aloof, in my opinion, that's a myth. However, I have to admit I do have one cat that will not seek attention but is always grateful when it's offered.

Feeding your cat healthy food, giving it love and affection along with annual visits to the vet is a good place to start. I have found it amusing that in the beginning a stray will eat anything put in front of it. However, after it feels secure and loved, the pattern changes and it develops real preferences.  

Cat Health Info

Cat Anatomy

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Cats Five Senses

Cryptorchid Cat

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Allergies in Cats

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Pilling a Cat

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Cat Diseases

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Cat Teeth Diseases

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Heartworm Disease

Urinary Tract Disease

Cat Heart Disease

Feline Leukemia Virus

Inflammatory Bowel

Infectious Peritonitis

FeLV or FIV?    FIV

Feline Ischemic Encepalopathy 

Cat Vestibular Disease

The information on this site is an accumulation of research (listed on the Resources page) and experience gathered over a period of 40 years owning cats. This is meant as a guide to help you decide if there is a simple solution to your cat’s problem or at least to understand what the problem is. Please consult your veterinarian, the professional, for advice on how best to handle your cat’s specific treatment.

Browse through the pages for help on your particular cat interest. Please note that there is a Cat Health Index to make it easier to find what you want.
In addition, I have created a comprehensive Pet Products page that has a list of vendors, some with unique items for your cat. I have purchased items from some of these vendors, although not all of them. You may find this resource useful because beside each image link I have listed the main items that are available with each vendor. This will save you won't have to browse each site unless you choose to.

Cat Medicine

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Housecat Endoscopy

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Holiday Cat Comfort

Pet Sitters

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Lost & Found Cats

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Vet Technicians

Cats & Fireworks

Want to add a story or a tip for other cat lovers? Would you like to share a picture of your cat? The Cat Health Info page is where to do so. I will constantly be building more pages so please check back if what you are seeking has not been added yet.

Also available is the Questions page. If you have any questions about your feline's health, or want information on how to solve a cat health issue, ask here and we'll try to answer as quickly as we can.

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