Keeping your Cat Well-Exercised

by Rob

If your cat is an entirely indoor animal then it may be hard to keep them active during the day and physical activity is just as important to you pets as it is to us. This is doubly as difficult if you work all day and only come home at night, tired and without the energy to chase your cat around the house. From Cat Trees to more high tech items, here are a couple solutions that might help you keep Mr. Fluffykins in tip top condition so he can love you for years to come.

Consider getting a second cat. If your cat is ok with other pets and will not attack them or fall into depressions, you could get yourself a new kitten. Kittens have a lot of energy and love to play. They tend to infect other cats with that energy and I have seen some old fluffy tom cats trying to keep up with the new kitten in the house. It’s adorable and it’s a great workout for both of them. This will only work if both cats are sociable and playful. Also, remember to always check with your landlord or manager every time you consider getting a new animal.

Along with the new kitten, you should take a look at cat trees. Trotting around the house and sleeping offer very little exercise, but climbing and jumping around will get the blood flowing. Even if you don’t get the new kitten, cat trees can be a good solution. Just be aware, there is a good chance your cat will climb to the top and lord over you from their new perch. That is what my little baby does. It takes a little encouragement to get her climbing up and down her tree.

The most fun option I am going to suggest is a laser pointer. Cats love to chase the little red dot around the room and they can never catch it. Red is one of the most visible lasers, but you can get them in a bunch of other colors too. If you decide to get a laser, make sure that it is a low intensity laser. If you accidentally buy a laser that is too strong, it can be bad for your eyes and for the cat’s eyes too. It is best to stick to those that are marketed for cats. There are also some automatic versions of the cat laser that will play with your pet while you relax in the tub. Some of these need to be turned on manually and some will activate automatically so that you can use them when you are at work and your cat can get some intermittent exercise at the same time. Make sure not to overuse it or your cat may catch on that they can’t ever get a hold of the dot and get bored.

Along the same lines as the automatic laser, there are some simpler options that automatically wave a cat toy around in the air. These are a great option for those of us that are nervous about shooting lasers at our cats (trust me, its safe) but still want to give them some exercise when we can’t be there with them.

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