kitties and CHRISTMAS TREE

Our former kitties, did not bother a table artificial tree ( used because of them ) ~~~
However, new , two males , are wild ~ as young felines can be and I am wondering which product to use to keep them away from tree.
CITRONELLA ? or is there a new safe product.

I like your site very much. It has great information.
Easy to navigate, and clear to read.

Thank you so much.


Over the years I've seen all sorts of suggestions that are certainly not solutions I would submit my cats to...even if it solved this problem. Baby fences...okay, squirting water at the cat...okay, tin foil wrapped around the bottom of the tree...okay, having a Scotch Pine with sharp needles...getting a little dangerous, tabasco squirted on the lower branches of the tree...not in my house, my cats are my curious companions not invading enemies. The list goes on.

So far I haven't seen anything new come along (although I may have missed something) that replaces Citronella oil shaken into water and misted onto the lower branches of the tree. I've found it works pretty good and for decoration you can spray it on pinecones that you place under the tree. If you have a particularily active kitten that seems immune to the scent or shrugs it off, then try peppermint oil.

Hopefully one of them will work for you. We want to keep our little friends happy and safe over the holidays. We don't want our cats to dread seeing the tree and equate it with unhappiness and stress that happens annually. I'm writing another page for this site that will be posted in the next few days that will deal with suggestions on Christmas Holiday festivities and our furry chums. It will be listed on the Site Map under Cat Behavior.

Let me know how you resolve the situation with your frisky feline ruffians...they are so much fun at this spunky time of their lives...but I know they can be a handful.

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Dec 01, 2010
citronella for kitties
by: joyfulsunrise

Thank you so much for suggestions. I called PETSMART, and they suggested a product called Boundary. I had to buy it immediately, as this morning I had to take one of my turtles to the vet, because she came out of hibernation; not a good sign. The cause was determined, and I was advised to bring her in ~ use UVB light plus heat light, etc. to bring her body to a warm state. My turtles live on the patio, with a brick, dirt mixture bin to hibernate in, therefore I was not prepared. I had to do something to keep the curious kitties away from the container I would place her in. However, when I returned with Boundary in hand, and read the label, I was alarmed to read the ingredients, and the extreme cautions to adhere to. Back to PETSMART, to exchange it for Citronella spray, which they carry: PET ORGANICS / NO STAY. I sprayed it lightly on the table I planned to use for the tree, now a temporary turtle hospital,and it works ! The kitties stayed away all evening, despite the lights, box, and Lilly the turtle ! Thank you, Citronella it is !

Response: Sorry to publish this so late. I got a new computer and this got lost in the transition. I'm so pleased the suggestions helped you.

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