knot on my cats spine

by joanne land
(ripley,tn. 38063)

i noticed a knot protruding from my cats back last night,it is on the spinal cord about 1/3 of the way down his back, it is hard and feels like it is bone, it doesn't move or anything and he doesn't act like it hurts him but i know cats are good at hiding their pain.i just lost one cat to old age and another one broke his tail so i had 2 high vet bills and cant afford to take them for every little thing but im really scared something is wrong. thank you!


Lipomas (fatty tumors) can show up anywhere on a cats body but they are not cancerous. However, there are others such as fibrosarcoma that are cancerous.

I understand that you've recently had some expenses going to the vet but this is something that really should be checked. Your vet will either know by touching it that its benign or do a biopsy if he/she suspects otherwise.

Cats can get lumps from numerous things like fighting and a fragement of a claw left inside a wound gets infected, as well as bee or wasp stings etc. However, If your cat is an indoor cat and many of these other possibilities don't apply...then for peace of mind and the health of your cat you should have your vet inspect it.

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