My cat dank

by Katie Williams

My cat dank is about a year old And has problem with his bones sence he was a baby kitten when I found him on the street . He had a favcher in both his front legs and if he jumps from high places he limps on paw for a long time . Vets think he has a bone deiese or something they want over 1000 $ to test him


First, I don't know what favcher means. As for the bone problems, there are many bone diseases including bone cancer and finding out which one it is can be costly, that's why the quote you got from the vet is probably correct.

I suggest that you research the veterinary schools in your area. Many of them do their research with volunteers who have pets with problems and perform testing at greatly reduced prices, sometimes even free. For example, The University of Washington has a fine veterinary school. I suggest you call these schools that you can locate and talk to someone about Dank's problems and see if he qualifies for their programs.

I'm sorry I can't help you further and wish you luck with your search for help.

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