My cat is very sick and I am worried...

My cat got neutered last week.. We also got a new kitten that same day. Because of this, it's hard to know what is causing his problems.

He has been lethargic, and the last few days has had burning hot ears, crusty dry nose, and he has completely lost his voice. He tries to meow but nothing comes out... He also seems to be thirsty because he makes the sound a lot... But he drinks and isn't really better. Sometimes he makes a gaggy look but no sound and doesn't actually throw up.

The new kitten sneezes, so she may have a cold and gave it to him.... I hope that's all it is and has nothing to do with his surgery.

We're going to the vet Thursday for Kali's shots (new kitten).. Ill bring kilo to get looked at as well.

I hope he's okay. He's my precious little boy.


I wouldn’t wait until Thursday to have your cat checked. After the neutering surgery there are a number of things that can go awry. There can be a bad reaction to the anesthesia and there’s the risk of internal bleeding also. Symptoms like weakness, pale gums, depression and anorexia are valid reasons to be concerned. Post-operative infections can occur internally or around the incision area, especially if the cat has been licking the area. Check the incision area for redness, swelling and/or discharge.

Please phone your vet and report the situation immediately. Waiting may delay his recovery or endanger him. Your vet will instruct you and perhaps request that you bring him in sooner. If there is an infection it could cause the weakness (exhibited by no voice) or a fever may have developed.

Typically a cat needs about a week after the surgery to rest and recover properly. Your cat may need a pain medication if one has not already been prescribed. Please follow up with the vet as soon as possible. I wish you well with helping your cat.

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