My cat passed away with FIV

by Debby
(Franklin, NC)

A week ago today, my cat was put down due to FIV. He had not eaten or had any water for over a week. More than half of his teeth fell out. I adopted him from a shelter, as I have all of my cats. I feel like I could have helped him. He was never tested for FIV until the day of his death. What could I have done differently? I am devastated. Could I have prevented his death? He seemed perfectly healthy until the day he stopped eating.


First let me say that I empathize with your loss and I will provide a link so you can understand FIV.

The primary step I take when taking in a stray is to have them tested prior to allowing them to mingle with my other cats. The FIV test can be done in your vet's office. This virus can remain dormant for years but knowing what to look for helps.

Here is the link:

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

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Jun 13, 2020
You didn't know
by: MF4Mark

Debbie, I'm sorry for your loss. I feel people's stories like they're my own. I had one of mine pass away a little over 2 years ago. I struggle with forgiving myself as you were. While it's part of the job to be a knowledgeable parent, you likewise shouln't beat yourself up over what you should or should not have known.

Believe me, I so wish I could forgive myself for not having known how to treat my buddy, Slinky. But we are all imperfect beings on a savage planet doing the best we can to make a difference, if only a small one. I did not learn the lessons I needed to until after he passed. While too late for my pal, I can move forward and use the knowledge. Moreover, I can share it so others don't feel the guilt and heartache I suffer.

FIV testing would have given you time to prepare. Conventional medicine can do nothing for FIV and regards it the same as HIV. However, there are plenty of herbal remedies which might prolong life. There are several antiviral herbs which are safe for cats. Also, there is a case study of 1 regarding FIV and iodine. Learn, grow, share.

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