my cat was attacked by a dog and now his no voise

by DD

When my cat was attacked his screamed so loud and for a long time. Were is the cats voise box? Could ny cat just be traumatized?


Only a very small percentage of cases of cat losing their voices are serious. When a cat that is normally vocal loses its voice, it may indicate an inflammation of the larynx (voice box). And yes, this can be a trauma, a stress-induced behavioral problem that your cat is suffering from. The prolonged period of time involved with yelling could have caused this condition. Just like humans get laryngitis, cats can also get laryngitis. Another possibility is laryngeal paralysis, in which the nerve that controls the vocal cords becomes damaged, causing the larynx not to open properly.

As long as your cat is active, alert, and eating well, then in the short term you can just wait a week and see if the voice returns. If the voice hasn’t returned by then, you should have your vet examine your cat in case there is some kind of throat infection that needs antibiotics…or if there is an upper respiratory disease starting.

However, by your description, it sounds like your cat overdid the howling and it will just take a little time for the voice to return.

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