Overweight Cat

I give my male cat less than the food rec. but he continues to be huge! Almost 20 lbs. He is healthy and happy but I worry he may have a hairball or something. He has been like this for years, since he grew to adult size. He is about 7 now.


A hairball won't make your cat fat, it either gets vomited up or passes through the bowels. Although a hairball can linger in the stomach and make a cat feel uncomfortable where you have to help him by giving him a hairball remedy to help, it won't make him fat.

You may not be overfeeding him but the food he is receiving could be higher in calories than the calories that he burns off daily. I have a page called Fat Cats that fully explains the process for choosing the right foods and helping your cat to diet healthily. Hopefully, you'll find some hints there that will be of use to you.

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