pain medication overdose?

On Saturday night my daughters cat received an injection of antibiotics that lasts 2 weeks and an injection for pain that lasts 3 days for a tooth abcess. Today she received oral pain medication to give to her cat until surgery. She started it tonite, Monday. Was this too soon?


You didn't say what medication was injected, how many mg/kg the dose was, etc. so I really can't say. However, if the vet gave her a medication to take until surgery it is probably within a safe zone. The antibiotic was given to get rid of the abscess because even in humans there is a danger of serious infections if the tooth is removed or worked on while an abscess is present. Plus, vets usually don't give heavy doses to a cat and then send a cat home without sitting down and explaining the dangers of overdoses to the owner.

It is common for a vet to give an injection for pain that can last for several days but depending upon the severity of the pain it is not unusual to supplement the original dose.

It sounds like your daughter's cat is just getting pain relief until the tooth problem is resolved. Just be watchful and see that the cat is drinking water and eating. A liquid diet may have to be given if the surgery is too many days away. Some balanced liquid meals for cats are listed on the bottom of my article on the Cat Nutrition page. These are available at most pet stores and some grocery stores.

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