Personal space for a cat

by Jan DeCourtney
(Boulder, CO)

Hi! Thank you for all your work promoting clicker training for cats. It's an integral part of our household!

I have a question for you. I had two sibling cats, and lost one (the beta cat) 2 years ago from bilous vomiting. After waiting a while I got a new cat. Now the older cat has become the beta cat, and guess what. He's started bilous vomiting. I think it is stressful being the #2 cat in a condo with only a small balcony.

I would like to create a "personal space" for the older cat -- some location that he and only he can get into where he can free feed and be away whenever he wants from the alpha cat jumping on him. It needs some kind of a door that only Squeaky can get into. Yes, he's smaller than the other cat but Caboodle is devious LOL.

I'm thinking some kind of door closure (perhaps on a treehouse or some other enclosure) that can be opened only by the cat who has been especially trained to push a special button or some kind of code. The other cat who doesn't know the code or trick will not be able to get in, right? :o)

Do you have any ideas for how we might do this? Any suggestions (brainstorming) would be welcome. I do not wish to lose my Squeaky to this illness, and I believe it is stress related. Thank you so much.

Will you kindly email me so I don't miss your answer? Thanks.

Best wishes, and Purrs from Squeaky and Caboodle.


Hi, I know the problems you are facing. I am fortunate that I have a multi-level home that has pretty much solved the issue for me.

However, there are some interesting door flaps that respond to your cats microchip or special collar tag if there is no chip. It prevents entry except to the cat who you've chosen to use it.

These are available at multiple locations.

I have included the link to the Multi-Cathouseholds and Pet Products pages where you can get more information. Just scroll down to the bottom area on the products page.

Multi-Cat Households

Pet Products

Hopefully the info will trigger some ideas. Good luck with resolving the problem you are dealing with.

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