Problems with my kitty; might be nothing, but...

by Bryan Baker
(Scott, LA, USA)

Ok here's the situation:

1)She is 4 years old
2)A month ago, we took her and her kitty companion to the vet
3)The vet said it could be a URI or chlamydia - he gave us an antibiotic (2 week supply)
4)We fed both of them most of their meds (missed about 3-4 doses out of 28)
5)He has recovered but she still has a couple symptoms

They are a)sneezing (although a little less)
b)sleeping a lot in secluded places
c)her meows are weird, and a little hoarse
d)she doesn't want to play with her laser pointer
She does not have any discharge in her eyes/nose, her nose is dry, and her ears are normal temp (slightly warm).


Your vet diagnosed your cat with URI (upper respiratory infection) possibly caused by the bacterium Chlamydia psittaci. Typically, that is taken care of by the antibiotic you’ve been given and an antibiotic ointment for the runny eyes that occur with Chlamydia. However, the fact that the female cat is lethargic, sleeping and hoarse may indicate that she has a viral form such as rhinotracheitis, etc. In that case it just has to run its course and you have to be vigilant that your cat is eating okay.

A better description is on the Cat Sneezing page. It sounds like it’s probably coming under control but if it continues much longer it might be expedient to make a follow-up call to your vet. I hope your kitty does better soon.

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Oct 12, 2012
by: Bryan Baker

Thank you. We called the vet and he recommended another round of antibiotics. The fact that no eye ointment was given suggests that it wasn't Chlamydia. I think you are probably right about what she has, and, hopefully, this will take care of it.

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