Skin problems

by Becky

I have several cats with skin problems. It varies from almost unbearable to not too bad. I feel like it has something to do with fleas, but we treat them. We have one that just can't hardly be touched because if you do, he rolls around on the floor like he just can't stand to be touched. What can we do? In the summertime we had him shaved and that seemed to help but it didn't fix it. He is really a big cat (20 lbs at least) and I just can't hardly handle him. My husband's arms and hands come away pretty bloody sometimes when he tries to brush him.


I suspect that since you have more than one cat with skin problems that there is perhaps an allergy involved. It could be something in their environment or something they ear. You can apply Vitamin E topically for some relief.

Plus, have your husband wear long oven mitts to protect his arms when attempting to brush the cat. I find it a benefit on occasion.

Cats can be allergic to flea saliva amongst other things. They can also have an allergy to flea treatments. Here are a couple of articles to browse on the site regarding allergy possibilities and skin health. Hopefully you will resolve the issue.

Allergies in Cats and Cat Skin Health

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