Sniffles, sneezes and snot

by Greer-Louise

Hi there I have a 5 year old female cat. Over the last week and a half she has been sneezing with a runny/blocked nose (clear mucous) and for the last 2 days her left eye has been watering. I took her to the vet and they have her a course of antibiotics as a prophylaxis to prevent a secondary infection- she didn't seem to get better after the weeks course. I took her back for a check up and the vet prescribed her Baytril/enrofloxacin however she doesn't seem to be getting better. Appetite and fluid intake normal. Energy levels no change. Could this be an allergy??? and not something sinister as I'm now getting super worried about. Please help! she's the light of my life my kitteh<3


It does sound like this is an allergy that your cat has, although most cats react by itching,there are some that differ. Normal eating, drinking and energy levels are good news. You didn’t say whether your cat is an outdoor cat or an indoor cat but even indoor cats can develop allergies. If the allergy is to dust and/or particles in the air you can transport those into the house on your clothing. Antihistamines like diphenhydramine or clemastine are commonly used to control (not eliminate) allergic reactions and symptoms in cats.

However, zeroing in on the cause is the only way to eliminate the symptoms. Air purifiers, hypo-allergenic pillows and blankets, etc., can help if the allergy is air borne. Of course there are other allergies and I have a page on Allergies in Cats that goes into a lot more detail that may be of interest to you. Cat Sneezing also covers similar topics.

Your vet was wise to eliminate the more dangerous possibilities first. The antibiotics and then the Baytril (a broad-spectrum antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections of the urinary tract) while not being successful… at least point pretty strongly towards allergies. Working with your vet, hopefully you can find the particular culprit that is causing your cat such distress.

Best wishes to you and your beloved kitty.

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