Spot on cat's nose

(Kentucky, USA)

Hi! My family has an indoor/outdoor cat, she comes and goes as she pleases. We just recently noticed she had black spots on her nose, it looks like it's either really dirty or got some sort of fungus on it or something of that sort. Just wondering what it could be - she's not super friendly/doesn't like to be pet or touched so we're not able to inspect the spot up close.


She could have a form of feline acne which typically is around the mouth or nose. However, I'm more inclined to suspect an allergy to something in her environment. Since she's both indoors and outdoors, this makes it more difficult to determine.

If you are able to apply a little Neosporin it will help somewhat. But, you mentioned the cat doesn't like being touched so this will be difficult.

Here is a link to cat allergies that may help give you an overview of the topic:

Allergies in Cats

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