by joyfusunrise
(Phoenix, AZ.)

Several weeks ago, something spooked one of my kitties.
Both were found in a park by a friend, and I adopted them.Two males, who are very close emotionally, probably siblings, approx. one yr.;now two yrs..
I had them neutered, and life was singing along, until the spook thing. Yoshi kept licking his bottom, and acting strange. Suspecting urinary tract problem, rushed him to the vet. All o.k. no evidence of a problem.

He began to act naturally, when all of a sudden he climbed up onto my computer where I was working and sprayed me, directly on my sweater. It did not smell at all. Since then there has been an occasional spray, and often will not use the litter box.
As vet says all o.k. anyone have an idea ? They both still knead and suck on a furry blanket I have for them. They evidently did not have their mother around long enough.I am fine with that, but the spray thing has me concerned. No smell, just spray.??? Thanks for your answer if you have one.


You have me stumped. My first thought was…lucky you…no stink to the spray! But the fact that the urine had no odor made me think it’s a urinary tract infection, or worse, kidney failure. Cats lose the ability to concentrate urine so their urine is very weak and diluted with either of those possibilities, but you also would have noticed an increased water intake. However, you’ve taken your cat to the vet and been told it is not a urinary tract problem so that’s not it. Kidney failure usually happens in senior cats and is unusual in a cat as young as Yoshi but checking with a full blood workup will give some answers. Here are the details about Feline Kidney Disease . Urinary crystals or diabetes are still possibilities unless your vet checked for those already. A fast check under a microscope will reveal if he has any crystals.

You say that Yoshi often will not use the litter box and this would be an indication of some sort of distress, emotional or physical. If physical, the act of urinating may be painful and he blames the litter box for his discomfort. If emotional, something is causing him to change behaviors….is he getting along okay with his sibling? Has there been a change in the household…such as a new friend visiting or a new piece of furniture? I’ve had some success with Feliway in our household because of Max, our male cat, who periodically anoints something. Details on Cat Spraying .

I don’t have a definitive answer for you. I suggest going back to the vet and getting a full blood analysis. To better understand the testing process here is the link…Cat Blood Work Once you can eliminate any possible physical reason for Yoshi’s spraying, you can then deal with the behavioral issues knowing that his spraying actions are a form of feline communication and try to eliminate the causes. A question…..what was it that spooked Yoshi, perhaps this behavior is a residual of that event? My gut feeling is that its behavioral but just to be safe I’d get him checked out at the vet once more. I wish I could have helped more. I wish you and both your kitties the best.

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Feb 08, 2012
Thank you so much ~~~
by: joyfulsunrise

I really appreciate your input. I guess it is back to the vet again ~ I am not sure what spooked him. He eats normally and is generally happy. Loves his sibling. Could be Pastel, our shepherd. She wants to play, but is a bit overwhelming at times. The sibling, Mika, just tolerates it and swings at her occasionally. Yoshi is on the shy side but sticks to me a lot. I will check with the vet again, to make sure all is well.
Thanks again. love this site; so much thorough information.

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