Unsure if cat is neglected?

by Claire

Hi there, this website is great!

I have had a cat visiting me this past week, I'm wondering if it is neglected or has been abandoned.
The cat is quite thin (shoulders and back bone can be felt).
I do let her in the house (I keep the ranch-slider open most days) but she never seems to go. She wants to sleep and get alot of pats, but does not seem in any eating schedule (i.e. she never seems to go home; even if she has been with me for 24 hours at a time, she doesn't run anywhere to get food.

She seems hungry, and I did give her some water but didn't want to be feeding someone else's cat in case it is their pet!
But yesterday I did feed her some catfood, she gobbled it very fast and then threw it all up after 5 minutes - which makes me concerned that she really is underfed?

I'm asking around the neighbours but I'm in an apartment complex with large courtyard so she could come from anywhere - but hopefully I will be able to trace her home, I may put a collar on her with my phone number.

She is very affectionate, purrs quickly, and is housetrained.
So I'm wondering if she once had a nice owner but is now abandoned or is in a house with too many other cats or children.

At first I thought she was just visiting and not in need of any help (I know cats sometimes visit new homes even if they are happy in their home), but the fact she wasn't going outside on a regular basis was telling to me, that she's not being fed regularly and is not "expecting" breakfast/dinner etc?
She is quite well groomed, no fleas or sores; attached are some photos. She has a nice thick coat of fur.

Thanks so much for your help!


Although I agree that cats tend to visit in their neighborhood, this does sound like an abandoned cat. This is how we came to have one of our cats some years ago. There are apartments the next street up from the house and Max kept coming by looking hungry. My husband put food out for him and after a few days of asking kids in the neighborhood if they knew where he came from (no one knew), then we took him our vet to be checked before he was allowed inside with our other cats.

You can ask kids in the area, the postman etc. and if no one knows, then you could give her a good life where she is cared for. Remember that a cat that has been abandoned doesn't understand why they were left alone. Perhaps the owner had to move to an apt. that didn't allow pets, or it belonged to an older person that passed...there are lots of reasons...none that the poor critter is aware of.

We made it known to the kids and postman that we had Max inside and if anyone made inquiries, we would simply give him back. Here we are 10 years later and he's having a good life that would have been miserable without being cared for.

I suggest you try feeding small quantities of food to start until she gets used to good food again. Some of our other strays had lived on horrid stuff like bugs and mice before we took them in.

Good luck with your new family member.

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Jun 06, 2015
Thank you
by: Claire

Thanks for your very helpful advice and comments! :) I think you're right that she has been abandoned, I've since been feeding her small amounts of dry food and I can see she has indeed been very hungry and abit confused.

She's settling down well now and seems less fidgety and more relaxed - I think she was abit hyperactive before because she really was hungry and was trying to get my attention constantly!

I will make a nice home for her and am indeed glad that she has found me, she has come to the right place! I have got her a flea collar and will take her to the vet next week to check her health.

Thanks! Claire

Jun 06, 2015
I agree with last post
by: joyfulsunrise

Beautiful ~ sweet ~ if no one claims the darling just give him the love he obviously needs ( loves to be petted )and yes definitely feed him.

Good Luck ~ he chose you ~ be proud ~

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