weak meows

my cat is 8yrs old and this last week he has been meowing weakly,he is eating ok and appears to be in good health.


Your cat probably has a case of the “cat flu”. His upper respiratory tract may have a minor infection and his immune system is probably fighting it off. Most of the time these situations will run their course without fanfare. There’s no cause for alarm when your cat is otherwise healthy and eating okay. However, never give your cat human cold or flu remedies because many of these products contain acetaminophen…a substance that’s toxic to cats.

Watch your cat for the next week or ten days. If he still meows weakly, then take him to your vet for a check-up to make sure there isn’t something more going on. Of course, if he stops eating or there are other signs of distress, then take him to the vet immediately.

I don’t know if you have other cats but one of my cats only squeaks, not meows. Occasionally one of the other cats mimics her and walks around squeaking. It can be hilarious. Good luck watching your furry friend.

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