by Donna Greiner
(Riverside NJ)

Hello my fellow cat family, and Happy New Year!

My cat Smores, approx 1.5 years appears to have an eye problem. My strange title goes along with the onset. I had one of a new litter born in April spayed. Have been keeping her inside to heal well. I noticed immediately Smores was not social with Mocha (spayed female) So I am keeping them separated. I also got a Christmas tree and don't know if Smores poked herself in the corner of the eye while playing with her sister Smittee. The sore is at the corner of the right eye, seems to start to heal and then return. Due to her being feral when I rescued her, I had a unsuccessful time putting her in the carrier to take to vet. She was almost in the cage when my foot got in the way and she escaped. I am very upset, I know I'll eventually get her in the cage, but what could get worse till that happens is stressing me terribly. Poor Smores. Even her sister and she could have had a go round, trying to get their favorite position on their favorite chair.

I feel bad that the kitten I had neutered has little "cat company".

I told my vet that as soon as I can "get her" in the carrier (I use a 15-25 lb. Small dog cage) Forget a carrier!!! She goes nuts, and I got clawed in both hands this time. I'll take her soon ASAP, the feral is its own worst enemy, and I love her SOOOOOOO much.

Any suggestions????

Warm Regards,
Donna Greiner
Now have 10 cats!!! 3 inside, 7 outside. I'm overwhelmed.


Hi Donna,

Sounds like you have your hands full with all your little critters. They are lucky you are there to help them get through their feral beginnings.

A couple of things you might try...have a pair of long oven gloves that go up to the elbows handy when you try to handle a cat that is extending the claws...or try to get the cat onto a large bath towel which you can quickly wrap around them (making the cat like a burrito) then with just the head out of the towel, slide it into the carrier (or cage).

I empathize with your situation and do understand how difficult is to deal with cats that were feral. Although they become loving and trusting to a point, they revert back to feral tendencies when they become afraid.

As for the eye issue, I always keep Vetericyn gel on hand for eye wounds. You can get this ophthalmic gel at Petco or Walmart (to name just a few).

Hope that you and your feline friends had a good holiday season. The best to all of you.



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May 13, 2015
Kitties different reactions
by: joyfulsunrise

Thought I'd come in again with Yoshi and Mika...
Yoshi is the one that I accidentally bopped with a table knife and he ran and would not come near me.....and at night finally jumped on the bed...several hours.... also the one at the kennel that was severely depressed and took a bit of time after retuning home to be natural again...

His sibling Mika....totally different..
At kennel.....did not like it ...but ate and remained somewhat normal

Stepped on Mika's tail after he scampered under my feet.... no rejection of me just ran away for a few minutes then fine..

we just have to adjust to their personalities ~

Mika and Yoshi were found in a park by a friend who brought them to me after my kitties Minka and and Noir passed away within less than a year apart. I felt it was too soon to adopt but after I saw them....well...you know the rest of the story ~~~ thanks Cat Detective for this site and forum ... you are so appreciated....

May 12, 2015
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Jan 05, 2015
Bath towel
by: joyfulsunrise

Great idea ~ the gloves ! I have used a bath towel with my feral with 2 people....one to cloak the towel and the other to guide into the kennel. I had the same problem with Yoshi and forewarning ~ after the incident they are stressed. It takes a while to get them back to normal. Two feral siblings Yoshi and Mika....Mika didn't like it but did not fight....unfortunately Yoshi remained stressed at the boarding kennel the entire time...3 days....after returning home he finally returned to normal but it took a while. It is not pleasant but take heart...they are somewhat resilient... after a bit of time they do return to normal.

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