Why cant my cat walk without falling to the side?

by Julie

My cat came home the other day and i found her lying in my hall, quite un-responsive. After calling her several times with no reply, i picked her up. I noticed she had puncture holes on her neck. I put her back down, and realised she couldnt walk without falling to the side. I think she has been attacked but dont understand why she cant walk and is unresponsive. And over the past few days she has started developing what looked like a bruise around her mouth but now it looks like ulsers and is bright red. Also her eye is turned to the side and her other eyes pupil is huge and she doesnt seem to follow anything thats infront of her.

Whats up with her? Please help!


You have an emergency situation on your hands. If you were attacked (and it sounds like your animal has suffered through an attach or trauma) you would be in the Emergency Room of the hospital...and that's what you should be doing for your cat. Take her to the vet immediately! Your cat could have a major infection developing from the neck injury, she could have dislocated something that is causing pressure to neurological areas causing disorientation...or numerous other possibilities that are causing her eyes to react.

I am not a veterinarian but have done a lot of research over many years for my own cats. When it comes to a situation similar to yours, I head for the medical professional, the vet, immediately. If you want to save your cat I suggest that you do so. If you can't afford it, call the Humane Society (or other local animal organizations) and explain your cat's problem and perhaps they can direct you to an association that can assist.

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