3 year old cat dies after c section from kidney failure

what would cause a female cat to die suddenly after a c section kitten stuck in birth canal. I think the vet made a big mistake by giving her vaccines during the surgery on top of anesthesia, cefazolin Inj, baytril inj, torbugesic iv IM or SQ, convenia inj. Sent cat home with good prognosis, she died 3 days later


I am so sorry to hear of your horrific loss. However, the drugs you list are not vaccines. Cefzolin is an antibiotic that is frequently used prior to surgery and is effective against infections. Baytril is another antibiotic that is used (more in dogs than cats). Torbugesic is a synthetic morphine-like drug used to manage pain as a supplement to general anesthesia.

The last one you list, Convenia, is where I see a possible problem. I am not a veterinarian but Lisa A. Pierson, DVM on her website, catinfo.org says this:

Convenia: Worth the Risk?
Lisa A. Pierson, DVM
5/21/12 update: I originally wrote this webpage in February, 2011. I was prompted to do so after receiving several reports of severe adverse reactions, including death, exhibited by cats and dogs after the administration of Convenia. Sadly, I continue to receive reports of possible adverse reactions on a weekly basis.

Note that I emphasize "possible" because it is impossible to thoroughly evaluate some of the reports due to so little information being provided. However, several reports have come through that outline cases of young, and otherwise healthy cats, that *only* received Convenia and no other medications were administered.

For many patients, the awareness of the possible negative effects of this drug by their owners and veterinarians has come too late.

Please note that if you write to me about such an adverse event, all that I can do is continue to alert my colleagues and to strongly urge you to insist that your veterinarian file an adverse drug event (ADE) report with Pfizer Animal Health.

In addition to your veterinarian filing a report, you should also contact Pfizer.

According to the FDA, any company receiving an adverse reaction report must report it to the FDA. I have no opinion or knowledge to comment on whether this is actually done in every case but I would strongly suggest hat a follow-up complaint also be registered with the FDA. I am not willing to trust that every company will report every ADE report that comes to them.

Here is a link to information for consumer reporting of an adverse drug event with the FDA:


Information from Pfizer's website:


To report an adverse event, please contact Pfizer Animal Health Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM EST at (800) 366-5288 or (855) 424-7349.

In the event of an emergency situation, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

As most people know, many drugs used in human and animal medical practice have been removed from the market after too many ADEs have occurred. Unfortunately, drug withdrawal from the market does not happen until many ADE reports are filed. Therefore, if your cat or dog has experienced a possible adverse reaction to Convenia, please do not let that reaction go unreported.

The health and lives of future patients depend on adverse drug event reporting.


I hope that this information is of value to you. I am not a vet myself, but I do tons of research to get answers on many topics. I am of the opinion that you should talk to your vet and both of you file the ADE (adverse event)report. If the links above don't work, simply copy and paste them into your browser.

Again, so sorry to hear of this loss. It's never easy to lose a beloved pet.

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