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Cat health care information should be a primary focus for your cat's entire life. Keep your cat in a wellness zone with good cat nutrition and later a well planned senior cat diet. If you've ever seen your cat's parents, then you probably were able to detect a resemblance. Some behaviors are genetic and some diseases are predisposed in certain breeds. The influence of heredity in the disposition of a cat to get a specific illness or have a higher chance of incidence is noteworthy.   Also see Kitten Care.

Depending upon the breed of your cat, you will have to pay close attention to whatever health issue your cat may face with attentive cat health care information that you acquire. However, although we will get into specific breed health issues later, for now we will deal with the everyday health care needs such as Cat Teeth. Allowing a tartar buildup on your cat's teeth can lead to other diseases so follow the suggested cleaning process on the link above.

A very important part of cat care is nutrition. Trying to maintain the right balance and provide them with the necessary nutrients is often confusing. We want our little carnivores to be healthy and happy. Go to Cat Nutrition.  Another consideration is Pet Health Insurance because just like we do, cats can become seriously ill.   If you have a milk loving cat be sure to read Milkoholic Cat and if you cat has a pattern of overeating check out the Fat Cats article. 

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There is also the very important issue of cat exercise which is needed to keep your cat in better shape. See Cat Exercise.   

Water is a frequently a forgotten nutrient so read the section Cat Health Water which details the importance of this fluid.  Also don't forget to check out Cat Litter Boxes.

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