Agressive female..

by Ana

Hello Carolyne,
Sorry i haven't written for so long..i have been busy studying..
We recently adopted a female cat,she's about one or two years old..She is not a stray..Her owner didn't want her anymore so we decided to adopt her..
The problem is, she doesn't take too kindly if we pet her tummy area or even sometimes her head..and nowadays she doesn't even let me pet her at all..She just keeps biting my hand..She meows a lot and she doesn't get along well with Zizo at all,but she sometimes get along with Garfield but the other times they just fight..Agressively..
Why could this be happening and what should we do about it.. Could it be that she has gone to heat and needs to mate??..


Hi Ana,

Unfortunately, I don't really have an answer for you. It's not unusual for some cats to dislike their tummy being petted, but usually they enjoy their heads being petted.

When she bites you she's letting you know that she doesn't want to be touched but the reasons for this action have so many possibilities that it's impossible to even guess without knowing the cat. Perhaps during her battles with Zizo and Garfield she got hurt and is reacting to the sore spot being touched...etc.

A very good article on a "cat being in heat" is

Reading that article will give you a good idea if her behavior is relative to "heat". If you decide it's not similar, then the only thing I can suggest is giving her "treats" that have calming ingredients. I give the one called "Stress Away" to my cats when they are fighting. They are soft chews and the cats like them...they get calmer and fight less.

They are listed on this page if you scroll down. Pet Products . I realize that these may not be available in your area but perhaps the pet store has something similar.

I'm sorry I couldn't help you more, and I wish you luck with resolving the issue.

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