Am I overreacting?

by Meg N
(Chicago, Illinois)

my four-year-old cat started sneezing A lot on Monday night and Tuesday morning. We took her into the vet on Tuesday. And the vet gave her a shot of convenia and an anti-inflammatory. She seemed to get better for a couple of days, but just today seems lethargic. She is still eating, and cleaning herself, there is no discharge and sneezing is nearly gone. She just doesn't seem right though. She's usually very playful but today I can't even tempt her with her favorite toy. Do you have any advice?


You have done the correct thing by taking her to the vet. Sometimes medications have a side effect that lingers after it has treated the problem and she could be feeling a little out of sorts for a few days. I wouldn't worry at this point, but if she continues to be lethargic over the next week, I'd call the vet again and ask for suggestions.

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