bite on tail

by Dawn Peterson

is it normal for a female cat to hide or stay under the bed all day from a 3 day old bite to her tail? which she did well she was chasing her tail yes it bleeded a little but not alot i have been putting neosprin on it but today she wont come out even with food


Cats hide when they are afraid or have physical problems so that is normal, however, such a lengthy stay suggests a second problem.

My cats occasionally catch a glimpse of their tail in sunlight etc. that makes them playful and they chase it for a few minutes. What I find unusual is that your cat actually bit itself and caused injury.

I would take your cat to the vet and have it checked for a problem with the tail that is so irritating it got bitten. Check for fleas or other skin irritations such as a skin rash that prompted this action.

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