blood blister

by Bernice
(Fairhaven, Mass.)

My cat has one on his thigh and another at the very beginning of his tail. I thought it was a tick and tried to squeeze it with a tweezers, but realized it was not a tick. Cat didn't make a fuss, but some blood did evolve, not much though. I was thinking perhaps to apply hydrogen peroxide on a Q Tip. Should I do that, or just let it be?
Thank you in advance.


If your cat goes outdoors it sounds like he had a tussle with another animal. If a small shard of a claw is left in his leg then it will form a blood blister to eventually force it out. Or it could be from another minor encounter with a sharp object.

However, with cats, do not use peroxide or alcohol to cleanse the wound. They can damage a cats tissues. Instead, cleanse with either simple water or an antiseptic solution. You can make this solution from concentrated liquids you buy that contain either chlorhexidine diacetate(diluted to color of weak tea) or povidone iodine (diluted to pale blue).

To assist with healing in a few days you can always apply a little Neosporin.

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