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Apr 10, 2015
Great article
by: James E. Graves

I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post.

Oct 04, 2012
my darling cat
by: Anonymous

My siamese cat approx 14 years (rescue) has become incontinent both faeces and urine is drinking more than usual and vet has diagnosed renal failure. His coat is good, his spirits seem good and he is eating well. I am now cooking him chicken as advised by the vet who has given him weeks to live. Please advise thank you Jill


I almost missed your query because it was entered as a comment to another question that had already been answered instead of being asked on the Cat Questions page so I’m glad I found it.

I empathize with your situation. Unfortunately, many purebred cats have inherent medical issues. Renal failure isn’t one of the typical issues for Siamese cats but with age many breeds develop such problems.

Most senior cats will have some degree of kidney problems. Many cases of renal failure happen in cats who have suffered irreversible damage to the kidneys. However, these cats may still have many happy months or years of life ahead with proper treatment. It is critical that you make sure that your cat takes in enough water to compensate for its large urine output.

The diet should include high quality protein. However, it should be fed less food in order to lessen the amount of phosphorus and nitrogen that must be excreted by the kidneys. Your vet’s suggestion to cook some chicken is a good option and he may be able to suggest other homemade diets. There are also prescription diets you can get from your vet such as Royal Canin Renal LP 21, Eukanuba MultiStage Renal, Purina Veterinary NF, and Hill’s Science Diet k/d. Also lost in the urine of uremic cats is a lot B vitamins. These losses should be replaced by giving vitamin B supplements. Sodium bicarbonate tablets may be needed to correct an acid-base imbalance. Plus, the kidneys are also important in the production of vitamin D. Cats in renal failure may get some benefit from getting some calcitriol and your vet would have to order the correct dosage.

The fact that your cat is eating well and is in good spirits along with a having a healthy coat sounds really promising. Giving this cat only weeks to live may not be valid because your cat, with the right help, could enjoy more time. It’s amazing how affection and love overcome many dire health issues. It sounds like your cat perhaps will overcome the odds and I wish you both the best.

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