Buprenex for 17-year old cat

by Lisa

I have a female spayed cat (5.5 pounds) who had a tumor successfully removed in August. The pathology report was of 'probable' thyroid cancer. Molly was treated in 2014 with Flagyl for 'probable' pancreatitis. She stayed overnight and was also given fluids. I took her in because her coat was not looking good and she just seemed very unhappy.
Ever since the 2014 episode, she's been fine. I changed her food to a high quality limited ingredient, low fat canned food in addition to kibble. Her mobility has been slow but she still jumps and her input/output is the same as always.
I took her to the vet recently and her bloodwork showed the same elevated results as in 2014 (but curiously not as elevated as the pre-op bloodwork). The vet has prescribed Flagyl again and because she 'probably' is in pain, he wants her on oral Buprenex 0.1 ml every 10-12 hours for 8 doses.
Since we've had issues in this area with providers not quite doing their homework before prescribing, I'm not convinced Buprenex is safe based on Molly's age, the thyroid cancer dx and bloodwork.
She doesn't have any of the symptoms of being in pain and she looks good (eyes, coat).
I know she's going to need something eventually but I don't think Buprenex is it.
Thank you for any assistance.


I have a 16 year old arthritic cat that gets Buprenex on an "as needed" basis. When she's less active and moving slowly, I give it to her and she appears more comfortable. After a few days, or a week, I discontinue it until I see indications that's its needed again. Each cat and situation is different but I did a page a while back on Cat Pain Control.

The link follows:
Cat Pain Control

I hope this information will help you understand how different pain medications work for cats.

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Feb 20, 2016

Before My cat was diagnosed with pancreatitis in Oct.2015 I had bowel issues with her starting in Aug. 2015. She was alert, eating her food & playing & I had no idea that she was in pain until she had blood work done. That is when she was given buprenex to help with her pain. Gave a dose twice daily for about 1 mo and then stopped. I was told that if the pancreatitis started again and her bowel movements were too far apart to start the pain meds again. My cat is going on 11 years old. She also was diagnosed with a high calcium level which is being treated with Alendronate.

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