Burnt and bleeding cat paws

So I have three cats they all eat the same food use the same litter tray go the same places as they don't really go out but his paws look like they have blisters and there really dry and crack but that's one his front and his back paws look pink every sore and are bleed what do I do untill I can get him to e vett?


He needs to go the vet as soon as possible. Check your home for cleaning supplies that could be causing this. Some household cleaners can damage the paws. Or, if he got into the garage he may have encountered antifreeze or some other chemical.

In the meantime, wash the paws thoroughly with a mild soap and try applying an antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin to the paws to give some relief. He needs to been by a vet for a professional evaluation of the cause.

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