Can Devil's Claw be used for felines safely?

by Christina
(Tacoma, WA USA)

My cat is experiencing discomfort from a past injury. Can devil's claw be used for the inflammation and arthritis she probably is experiencing. She is acting like she is having discomfort in movement,and is limbing on her front paw more than normal. She had a past injury which was treated by a vet and has healed. Do you have any additional natural treatments you can recommend for pain relief?


Devil’s claw should be fine for your cat. As you probably know, devil’s claw is found in the Kalahari Desert and is exclusive to Africa. The large tuberous roots are chopped up and dried in the sun for a few days then it’s used as a medicine. In South Africa it was used to reduce pain and fever. Scientific research has confirmed the benefits of devil’s claw in supporting muscle, cartilage and joint health not only in humans but also in cats and dogs. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to treat joint pain, including arthritis. A strong herbal extract of devil’s claw is helpful to older cats as an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain, swelling and stiffness of inflamed joints and muscles.

There are a number of pain relieving herbs that are safe and effective. A homeopathic item that is found helpful with aging cats is Arthro-IoniX which is liquid-based and can be added to your pet’s food or water, or even directly into your pet’s mouth. Directions are on the label. This item relieves arthritis symptoms in cats and supports mobility and flexibility. I have used this one and had some success. When I was trying to find a link for the Arthro-IoniX I noticed that there was another homeopathic product that looked interesting called Promaxol and I think it is also something to look into but I haven’t tried it with my cats. If you have any interest in exploring this item this is the link to it at Amazon but I’m sure it’s carried in other stores.

There are other items listed for natural cat pain relief also.

I hope that you have success with either devil’s claw or one of the other items you see on the link provided so that your cat is more comfortable. I have a page on Cat Pain Control that you may want to take a look at just to have a better idea of medications available if you have to go that route to get relief for your pet.

Good luck in resolving this issue for your furry friend.

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