Cat and dog :(

by Emma Griffiths
(Wadhurst, East Sussex, England)

I have had Piper my cat for six year and my boyfriend has had Logan, a large bouncy husky dog for two. We have just moved in together 2 months ago and we are at a loss as to what to do with the animals - neither of is want to part with out beloved pets so we need to find a way so that they can hopefully live together happily, or at least, tolerate each other.

Piper, the cat, moved in first for a month by himself and us because we thought he could scent it and claim it as his territory. We live in a two bedroom maisonette and have a large garden. The lady beneath us also has an older 15 year old cat and as it is a fairly populated street we have seen about 6 other cats all close by. We have a garden, but we have seen other cats in it and are worried that Pip isn't claiming it for his own as he hasn't been going out very much. Pip has a shelf up high as I read they feel safest on higher levels, and we have out a lot of his toys bedding etc in the spare room so that he feels safe there.

Logan the dog moved in last month. We have kept a stair gate infront of 'Pips' room so that at least Pip can run into it and the dog can't get there if he feels uneasy. We have been trying to keep them separated and are trying to show them gradually to each other. Pip will sit on top of a chest of drawers looking out at logan. When the dog notices him looking though, he will get up and wimper and want to sniff or play with him, but Pip puffs himself up and hisses or makes a growling noises and very slowly retreats back down and hides from the dog.

There was an incident where pip was trying to go outside but the window was closed and Logan chased after him, he isn't an aggressive dog at all he is very friendly, but pip was swiping at him and bloodied his nose, I was shaking as Logan then was trying to grab pip but eventually I managed to pull the dog away and seperate them again. I can't keep living in a house where we are now having to make sure one door is closed and the dog is kept in two rooms and on the otherside pip is through there as he is able to go out side that was, but I am worrying all the time if the door opens a fight will happen again. I'm also worried Pip is stressed that he hasn't got a territory due to the other cats and now a dog in his home.

What do I do? How do you introduce cats and dogs, even to the point of them able to just tolerate each other but still be in the same room. I'm at a loss I just don't know how or what to do.

Thank you kindly for any help at all,



Emma, I empathize with your situation. It is a very stressful and difficult spot to be in. Every animal is different and unfortunately there are no easy answers. All I can do is suggest you read the page on this site that covers many of the variables. I send best wishes for a successful resolution.

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Jun 19, 2016
by: Michelle

Hi, I've had many cats and dogs over the years. My solution was to always introduce the animals to each other, whenever I brought a new pet home. With cats meeting dogs, I would hold the cat close, and call the dog into the room, tell the dog to sit close by me. Tell each other their names, and get them to sniff noses. In the case of puppies meeting older dogs, the puppies bottom would always be held to the first dogs nose. Hence they get their scent first. Then turn them around to sniff noses. My two cats loved my German Shepherd. They were always close fast friends. Whenever my dog would bark outside, one of my cats would run outside to see what the dilemma was. Lol. My dog would keep all other cats and dogs off our property, and protect my cats also. Your dog just want to play, but your cat doesn't know this. Your cat must feel safe and secure when your dog is around. So hold her close when your dog comes into the room, hold your cat on your knee, until she realises it's ok, and she calms down. A couple of weeks should be enough to teach her the dogs ok. You must also stop the dog from jumping around while the cats getting to know the dog. So as not to scare the cat. All the best.

Nov 03, 2014
by: joyfulsunrise

This has been our problem for years through the last three shepherds...
I put a gate up ....after a couple of weeks of climbing over it..took it down...RAMOS shepherd: liked the female cat MINKA...did not like male NOIR..MINKA did not take to NOIR either...when RAMOS was at the end I hospice him in the main room for several weeks...when he passed on with the help of traveling pet vet...NOIR GRIEVED THE MOST..!!!!
LUCCIA shepherd ...cats stayed out of the way...kept Luccia upstairs bedroom at night / closed door...the kitties and I rose early and they had the run of the house until Luccia woke...PASTEL...shepherd ....constant chasing growling screeching....hospice for MINKA and PASTEL laid by her side and acted like her mother..MINKA was aware of her presence and often nestled into PASTEL'S fur....2 weeks after Minka's passing Noir on his last end of the end with the help of the vet passed on....PASTEL looks everywhere for NOIRwith Minka she seemed to understand...several months later 2 new kitties...Mika ( Meeka ) and Yoshi...same thing...terror hissing growling and still goes on...the kitties have high places...or they swat a few claws at Pastel going by...scratches make Pastel a bit careful..all animals are rescues... Pastel is extremely jealous if the kitties eat first..( on high place ) so I feed Pastel first...kitties afterward and Pastel gets mini biscuits ..which I touch the end to the cat food first and she is satisfied and much kinder to the cats after that...she really just wants to play but her manner is a bit gruff...solution ? only thing I can think of is to have new puppy and new kitties at the same time ....that just hasn't worked out for we just them all !!!! oh when we are away for a bit Pastel in her kennel..then the kitties have free rein ....and I know nothing will be 'broken' when we return. I WISH I HAD A SOLUTION FOR YOU...but over time yours may adapt ! Hope so ! Ramos to current Pastel is almost a 26 year span....

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