Cat fall from banister (10 feet)

by Cathie
(Alberta, Canada)

My 3 yr old female cat recently fell from the banister at the top of the stairs, a distance of about 10 feet. She has since been very quiet and reclusive, but seems to be walking fine. Could she have head trauma or internal injuries requiring a trip to the vet?


You are correct in being concerned that there may be internal injuries to your cat. Most cats will land upright but with a 10 foot fall they sometimes don't have time to right themselves.

It is a cat's nature to try to act normal and hide pain because in the wild it's a sign of weakness and makes them a target of predators. For this reason she may not be displaying outward signs but the fact that you have noticed her being quiet and reclusive is a hint that some injury you can't see may have happened.

I suggest that you do take her to the vet and get her checked. An internal injury can cause havoc later if it's not discovered and treated. Of course, there is the possibility that she did just fine, had no injury, and is quiet because she learned a bit of a lesson. However, I always try to err on the side of safety and well-being with my cats and I assume you feel the same.

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