Cat Not Gaining Weight

by josie

I have had this problem a few times with rescue and recently when my two 'found in a park kitties' had to be at a Pet Kennel for two days. Yoshi wouldn't eat at all at the Kennel even though we had his regular food ~ at home I tired him out by playing incessantly with craft pipe cleaners ~ tossing them into the air at him and teasing him by standing behind a closed door and swishing the cleaners under the door at him ~ pushing through the bottom and pulling back for several times while letting him grab it after a few swishes ~ this seemed after a day to return him to eating. Now both cats come to the bathroom door to play while I am on the inside 'swishing' and teasing with the pipe cleaners. Also there is a cat food that most cats cannot resist. I feed my babes Azmira wet due to the tendency to urinary tract problems. It has total nutrient support for them. And I also crush vitamin c tabs into powder and sprinkle a bit in their food stirring so they do not notice it. BUT HERE IS THE CAN'T RESIST FOOD: I use it at night instead of treats. Brand: SOLID GOLD / 'INDIGO MOON' ~ It is tiny little bits that they both become very excited about. I do not use regular treats. This is their treat. I give it after their eve. meal. Usually about 7 or 8 o'clock. A small amount in their dishes and they come running. It has a lot of good stuff in it ~ they are more enthused about Indigo than their regular food. Wet food puts on weight better but it is the nutrient content. And the Indigo just adds nutrient to them. Some cats just do not 'chow down' ~ Mika is a huge eater. Yoshi can take it or leave it. Indigo makes him excited about eating.


Thank you for sharing information on cat foods that you have been successful with.

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