cat pees outside litter boxes

by Marcia

My female siamese cat began peeing at various locations on the floor and furniture when I brought home another male kitten several years ago. I have had trouble with her ever since. All my downstairs furniture is covered with plastic as is the floor in half of the living area. I also have 3 litter boxes in the living area downstairs and one large one where I want the cats to pee - in the furnace room. Nothing has helped. My siamese cat loathes the male cat and he subtly bullies her every chance he gets. I try to always side with her acting as the "alpha" in our little family and she responds well to that, but the peeing habit has never stopped. My male cat uses all 4 litters, perhaps as another way to dominate her, and i have come to think that maybe she needs to have a litter box that she can call her own. How can I accomplish that?


I have seen litter boxes with doors that only open with a signal from a collar that would be worn by your female cat. Then it would be her private litter box. I believe I saw them on Amazon a few months ago.

Something else you might consider is an animal behaviorist that specializes in correcting the behavior.

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Dec 11, 2017
Thanks for the collar idea.
by: Marcia

I like the collar idea that operates a litter door for only the cat with the collar. The thing that might not work with that is my siamese is so temperamental and "sensory defensive" that I think she would feel like wearing a collar was punishment and it might make matters worse. I love her so much and she is so intelligent, to the point that she and I carry on conversations, but her intelligence also makes her very high maintenance. I did find a litter box with a smaller opening and made the opening even smaller with cardboard. My big male cat can't fit through the opening and my little siamese has begun using it as her own. However, it did not solve the problem; she has found two new places on the carpet upstairs to pee. I'm pretty sure this is because we have some stray kitties who have adopted us and are living outside. Sigh!!!

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