Cat still grieves loss of owner after 1.5yrs

by Debbie

My mother's indoor/outdoor cat of 14 years followed her everywhere and loved her more than anything. My mom had dementia and passed on almost 2 years ago, out of state after almost 6 months away from home in a bizarre accident. "Her" cat now urinates and defecates "wherever", and often stares me down and hisses or attacks me.she has never accepted our adult male rescue cat of over 3 years. Medical issues have been ruled out by the vet. I don't want to put her down but have spent a small fortune on urine cleanup products. She is currently living in the bathroom where she uses the litter box but is not trustworthy in carpeted rooms. We live in the south, and when left outdoors for more than a couple of days, she has always become "wild" since a kitten, so it's not an option. Should she be in a lifesize crate?
Any ideas or help would be appreciated.thanks :)


I see two issues you are dealing with, both of which are contributing to this unpleasant behavior.

First, this cat has lost her beloved owner where she was doted on and pampered. There was no "pecking order" because she was the only cat.

Second, she has been placed with a relative stranger who feeds and cares for her but she now has competition for attention because another cat is there.

Cats don't understand why someone such as your mother disappears. The abandoned feeling and sense of loss manifests itself in different ways. Some cats stop eating and literally waste away while others, like your cat, display inappropriate behaviors.

I suggest, rather than placing her in a crate, you consider cat diapers. Aging cats frequently need these but they are also used for cats with behavioral problems such as you mentioned.

You could peruse it and decide if this would be a better option for your particular situation.

Here is the link:

Cat Diapers

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Jun 13, 2020
Don't put down
by: MF4Mark

Please do not put down this cat. She has been traumatized and needs to be in a 1 cat house with a doting owner. She's not a bad kitty, she's suffering like someone with PTSD. How would you treat a wounded war veteran with PTSD? THAT is how you should treat THIS cat, IMO.

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