cat with thyroid issues, on meds

by Gwen
(Scranton , S. C.)

what are some of the symptons when the cat may be dying, with thyroid issues, shes on thyroid meds but is 12 years old and is not acting right, laying around , hardly walking responsive some.i cant afford to take her to emergency clinic


Strangely enough, I had the same situation occur with my 13 year old cat Max last month. He is also on thyroid meds. He became lethargic, laying around with little activity although he was still eating and drinking water.

I took him to the vet because it is not uncommon for medication dosages to need adjusting periodically. After a blood test and urine test we found out that his meds weren't the problem. He had an upper respiratory infection. He was put on 50 mg. amoxicillin tablets (twice a day)for 2 weeks. He is now a little more active but older cats do sleep a lot.

Since your cat is laying around and not acting normal it could have something more serious going on. Is your cat still eating? Drinking water? If the cat is not consuming food or water then it could pass away. As long as your cat is eating and drinking as well as using the litter box...there is hope.

You mentioned that you can't afford to take your cat to a clinic. However, check to see if there is a veterinary school in your area. Oftentimes they are in universities. Many of these schools will help because it gives practical experience to their students. They would be able to do the tests that your cat requires. Or, you could call around to a few vets and see if they would treat your cat and take small monthly payments.

My heart goes out to you. It's not easy to watch a sick cat become inactive. I wish you and your cat lots of luck in resolving the issue.

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