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Cat bones with problems are relatively uncommon in most cats but fractures do happen and oftentimes require fracture wires which help with the recovery time. However, accidents, food deficiencies, and a few diseases can wreak havoc on the feline skeleton Most problems can be cured with surgery, diet changes, or drug therapy.

One of the most common injuries is a broken chin (mandibular symphysis). This bone fracture happens when a cat falls or jumps from a high place and its legs flex too much when it lands…allowing its chin to hit the ground. Car accidents also cause a lot of broken bones.

Many fractures in cat’s lower limbs heal well with a cast, but others need orthopedic surgery where a veterinary surgeon implants bone fracture wires to stabilize the broken pieces while they heal. Recovery time for the feline bone ranges from 6 weeks for simple fractures to several months for the more complicated breaks.

Osteoarthritis is a bone disease that sometimes affects older cats and those with joint infections or injuries. The problem starts when the articular cartilage that cushions the joint breaks down and the bones in the joint begin rubbing against one another, leading to abnormal bone growth and pain. Veterinarians typically treat this disease with anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery.

Osteomyelitis is a bacterial infection within the bone…often caused by a deep bite from another cat. The infection can also stem from a compound fracture (a broken bone that tears the skin) or orthopedic surgery. Antibiotics are the treatment of choice for osteomyelitis, but surgery to remove infected tissue may also be necessary.

NOTE: The links below to the feline spine and bone structure give a more detailed overview of the functions of many of the cat bones.  This article is mainly dealing with feline bone problems that can occur. 

Coty is seen below in a bathroom skylight window where she actually jumps up over the light fixtures above the mirror

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