Cats left eye weeping, his squinting has a build up of discharge

by Rach Derrick
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Luckyboy's left eye.

Luckyboy's left eye.

Hi, my cat whom was a not plesant and at first very scared and unhealthy stray, I have taken the time over the past few yrs, as this has and still is a very slow daily process. I am giving him every thing I can to gain his trust little by little and show him love and that not all people are unkind to cats..I have got him back to a very healthy cat with worming and flea treatments, good healthy foods, and he defiantly knows now that he does not have to worry about food, shelter,or anything.. He doesn't trust other people nor will he go near them, he never wonders far from his home. I have tried to pick him up, tho that did not go well..maybe at a later date we will try again. He is actually making a little eye contact with me over the past month. And he knows that when I am trying to do any thing for him it is for a reason. I have fixed him up after being in fights with other cats that come to my front door, where he sleeps. As they try and steal his food. It took me a while and I can only go by what I read or can do at home, as there is no way I am able to get him to a vet.. And he would not be apart of that. As I have tried to get him into a cat carrier to take him.. And I came off looking like a scratching post hmmm . His left eye in the past couple of days has been gunked up with lots of offal discharge and his squinting all the time . He does not look like he is in pain. As he still is the same wonderful Lucky Boy to me wanting my attention pats n rubs ect and eating and drinking as normal. From what I have read and from descriptions I am defiantly thinking it is conjunctivitis as he matches all the symptoms of it... Please help me as I can't take him to a vet.. Thank you very.. The pictures I have just taken, I am going to get l-lysine tabs Tom, and have been giving him a lil bit of cod liver oil in his food. I cleaned his left eye as much as possible to see if I could see anything in his eye, or a scratch on his eye and I was unable to see anything ... I should of cleaned his eye after the pictures so you would of been able to see the discharge and amount of it ..


Yes, he is indeed a Luckyboy to have someone who cares enough to help him. It does sound like conjunctivitis but it could be another issue.

I keep a bottle of Vetericyn Ophthalmic Gel handy for numerous eye irritations that crop up with the cats. It helps with wounds and other eye irritations that happen and gives relief from itching. You can find this at most pet shops.

You might also like to read the page on eye issues at this link...

Cat Eye Problems

And I wish you luck in resolving Luckyboy's eye troubles.

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Aug 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

Could lucky boy have an abcess from a fight, or bad tooth. His right cheek looks bigger. Perhaps it's just the picture.

Best wishes!

Aug 24, 2015
eye infection
by: Anonymous

Hello, Lucky Boy is adorable! I had an eye issue with one of my cats, who lived outside until I trapped her and her sister. They have lived inside ever since. 2 years now. I used the vetricyn gel that was mentioned, and it soothed and seemed to help clear up the eye. She actually likes me to put it on!

Have you ever tried we welders gloves to pick up lucky boy? I also use a small dog crate, 12-26 pound to take the cat to the is not as least for my cat. It's hard to get a feral cat into a cat carrier. Someone on this site also suggested using oven mitts that go up to the elbow.

The poor kitty could lose his sight, talk to someone who knows how to deal with strays/ferals before it becomes an emergency. I too, was afraid to pick one of mine up, I am not criticizing you, we are the parents!!!! The vets also know how to deal with them, or a animal welfare association clinic.

Best wishes to lucky boy and you! I got the medication at Petco.

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