cat's leg sore, possibly lower back too

by Sarah Garden
(Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, Scotland)

I picked my 13 year-old cat up this evening and held him like a baby. He doesn't particularly like me doing this but this time he liked it less than usual. So I put him down. A few minutes later he tried to jump up onto the windowsill and I heard a scrabbling and he fell. He then sort of waddled over with his back legs straightened, his back arched up and head down, and tail arched. And sat under a table, where he usually goes when he's hurt.

Just a moment ago, he went to bring his back right leg forward to clean, and it was like it was too sore. He just put his leg back again.

Earlier on in the evening, after the baby-handling and the fall, I thought I could detect some sensitivity in his lower back where his tail is. I am trying to think whether I've noticed a weakness in this region before. It has sometimes surprised me if he bowed his bottom a little when I've pet him.

What could be the matter with him? Could I have caused it by holding him wrongly?


It is possible that he has had other falls that you are not aware of and already had an injury which is retarding his jumping ability. I don't think you have cause to blame yourself.

He has sensitivity in his back and like people, they can get bruises. I did a page on Cat Balance and within the article is an additional link to an article on the Cat Bone Structure. I think the information may help you understand his postures.

Link follows:

Cat Balance

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