cat's meow change

by Michelle
(El Cajon, CA)

SO we have a male grey tabby cat, who is probably 9 or so. He is an indoor/outdoor cat who is quite affectionate. In the last several days, his meow which has always sounded like a kitten;s has suddenly changed to a very low pitch. He has also wanted additional love time. Any ideas what could have caused the change in his meow?


Vocal changes can occur due to illness. An upper respiratory infection can result in laryngitis which causes a hoarseness. Another cause can be hyperthyroidism (usually along with weight loss). There can also be benign tumors or polyps that have formed in the throat.

The fact that your cat is seeking additional attention may indicate he has discomfort.

I suggest that you take your cat to the vet for an exam and a blood test to determine the cause.

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