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My cat just recently had it's front claws removed. I did not put a collar on right away after surgery and he licked one foot so much that not only removed one of the stitches but licked the pads on that foot so much that I think he may have permanently damaged a pad or two. He seems fine walking on carpet now but doesn't like putting it down on tile and it's summertime. Also, will not cover use either foot to cover what he had done in the litter box. I use the type litter that the urine will soak up his urine. I am hoping it will get better.

It has been about 3 weeks since he came home and has some better, can you possibly tell me about this. Thanks


It is typically a couple of months before a cat fully recovers from the drastic procedure of declawing. To fully understand what the timeline can be, please read the following link.


On this page I've tried to explain the topic. Hope it helps you to understand.

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