change of cats 'norm'

by ed bailey
(the lake district, cumbria)

We are currently renovating our house and as a result our cat has had to start living outside, which isn't a problem as his bed is outside plus to ease the 'move' we started feeding him outside a month or so before work started. My concern is that we only see him for short periods of time in the evening after work when we are working on the house, plus he doesn't seem to be using his bed as much anymore? I added thick foam under his normal bed in the his adopted box that he sleeps in to keep him warm and was wandering if this could be upsetting him?

Any suggestion on what we can do to make him more comfortable or relaxed would be much appreciated. I suspect he's sleeping in a neighbors shed somewhere?

many thanks in advance


First, sorry to take so long to answer. I've had health challenges and was absent for a few weeks.

Cats are creatures of habit and get very attached to their surroundings. They notice any change you make, even if you move a plant to a different spot. When I moved to another city my cats were out of sorts for months although they eventually adjusted.

Its important to keep as many things as you can normal for them. The same bed, which you are doing, the same blanket, litter box, food & food dish. Etc.

What complicates your situation is that your cat is outside, away from its comfort it will try to find another spot where it feels safe and secure. Since the cat blames you for the disruption its normal for it to appear less often even if in different area of the house if it was a partial renovation.

After the renovation is finished and you are able to allow the cat back inside the house, it will be changed. Nothing will smell the same to the cat, so there will be a few months of pampering involved.

I did an article on cats and renovations but it was slanted to just keeping the cat safe in the house. I have provided a link. There might be something that will fit later.

I wish you well in your endeavor and hope your cat adjusts over a period of time.

Cats and Construction

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