by Olyvia
(New Hampshire)

My kitten is about 5 months old, male, siamese-maine coon mix, indoor. I came home one day and his eyes, face and mouth were crusty and the eyes were swollen. There is dry patches around his face. It's been about 2 days and it hasn't gone away, I've set up an appointment to get him checked. I just want to know before hand what I should expect. Or how to make him feel better. I am also wondering about vaccination. I just learned the other day that I was supposed to bring him when he was younger to get vaccinated. No one had told me. Is it too late to get him vaccinated? Is it unsafe for him? Please help.


Although kittens should have their vaccinations early and then get follow up ones at regular intervals, your vet will be able to administer the correct dosages and eventually you will be caught up.

As for the crustiness, there are a number of bacterial infections that can cause this such as superficial pyoderma. A variety of household items can cause an adverse reaction in some cats. Things like hairspray and houseplants can start the irritation and then the scratching can allow bacteria to enter.

Your vet will probably prescribe an antibiotic such as Clavamox or amoxicillin, etc. With the help of your vet you should be able to get your kitty back to normal in a short time.

I wish you luck in getting this resolved quickly. It was good that you made an appointment.

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Nov 09, 2015
Herbal lotion
by: joyfulsunrise

I have used an herbal lotion on one of my kitties
for a tiny issue on skin beneath fur ~ just a drop for 2 days and it began to heal.
and you can call her / the no. is on the site.She will advise you. My kitty did not lick it off because it was a tiny issue. She will tell you if it can be used or you may find a way to protect it so kitty won't lick off.
I have also used AppleCiderVinegar on irritations and for bladder health. The ACV ~not the white vinegar ~ will not hurt them. If is is large patches ~ just wet a paper towel ~ place a bit of ACV after shaking it well on the wet area then pat into skin. It has to be BRAGG brand ~ that is the natural one.
Here is the site for Herbal Lotion. It lasts a long time and has other uses as well.

Barbara Frank

She may have other items
that I have not used.

Good Luck with kitty ~

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