diagnosis on blood work

what does it mean when the nitrogen is 44 (high) triglycerides 185 (high) wbc 32.1 (high) mchc 29.7 (low) platelet count 143 (low) what does this mean for a diagnosis in cat?


Blood work by itself will not provide a primary diagnosis because your vet has to analyze how the results fit together. However, it can often provide info about secondary imbalances that can be treatable symptoms.

The normal (blood urea) nitrogen = 14-36 A higher level is called azotemia. It can be caused by kidney, liver, heart disease, dehydration and shock.

The normal range for Triglycerides = 25-160 Higher numbers can indicate liver disease but a meal eaten within 6 hours prior to the test can elevate it.

The normal range for WBC = 3.5-16.0 Higher numbers generally indicate inflammation or infection in the body.

The normal range for MCHC = 11-21 This measures the average hemoglobin content of RBC's. Elevated levels indicate a high iron level while low levels indicate anemia.

The normal range for Platelet Count = 200-500 Lower levels mean diminished capacity to clot blood which is potentially dangerous if the cat gets cut or has any internal bleeding occur.

I would suggest that you phone the vet that performed the blood work and have him/her give you a detailed explanation of the diagnosis that the reviewed data indicated.

An overview of how the testing in cat blood work is performed is available on this page: Cat Blood Work

I hope that the diagnosis for your cat is a positive one or at least treatable with some medication. I wish you both well.

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