Diaphragmatic Hernia

by Patrice Hill
(Athens, Ga. )

My cat is two years old, male that has been neutered and a tabby rescue. When I had Ivan neutered about a month ago, the vets told me he has a diaphragmatic hernia. This was a low cost clinic, so only spaying and neutering are done. He seems fine, eats, sleeps, but has labored breathing. I would like to know the average cost of this at a Vets. Practice.
If you could tell me a price range, it would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Patrice Hill
Athens, Ga.

Patrice, first, I compliment you for rescuing a cat and also for seeking solutions to help him.

I looked all over for prices for diaphragmatic hernia repair and they were all pretty expensive, typically ranging from $1000 to $4000, and even higher. I know that I would find it difficult to afford that and if you would also find it a burden, then you can try calling around to animal humane societies to see if any of them have other options.

I found an interesting article by a vet at petmd.com that explained exactly what this condition is. I tested the link but couldn’t get it working correctly so click on the link below…and then once at that site, you will see a list of Archives on the left column, click on March ’12. You will then see the diaphragmatic hernia article when you scroll down.

It would seem that a number of animals that have this condition also have varying degrees of severity. Hopefully your cat can have a number of good years before you see any problems. I send you and your cat positive wishes.

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