Does Feliway work for loud noises?

We have a 12 year old cat that has become afraid of noises and has some health issues. We need to have a new water well drilled tomorrow, and I'm trying to find ways to keep him from getting very stressed from the noise of the drilling. I"ll keep him in a room with me on the side of the house furthest from the drilling. I just purchased some Feliway spray and hope it will calm him down some. I also will have a radio or TV on and stay near him. Water, food, and litter box will be near him.

I'm not sure exactly how to use the Feliway spray. I guess it has to be applied to surfaces at least 20 minutes before the cat can be around it. Anyone have some experience with this. Our vet says we need to avoid stress in this cat, since one of his problems is terminal. Thanks for any help you might have.


I have found that Feliway does have a calming effect, however, for an event such as July 4th fireworks, loud construction noises, etc. it isn't going to be very effective.

I have used calming treats to cover the really loud times. I am sending you the link to the page that lists a few of them. You can also look in your local pet store for similar products. I keep a few bags in the cupboard for anticipated trauma days such as July 4th.

You are doing the correct thing in keeping your cat as far away from the noise as possible. I hope the situation is over quickly.

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