Don't know what to do !

by joyfulsunrise

I have 2 kitties which I introduced here when they first came to live with us.
Yoshi was very shy at first Mika not so much....I am very close to them...with talking and petting..etc. Yoshi comes every night as soon as I get into bed to snuggle and 'knead' after the night goes on he will go back to find his brother. He is always close friendly and sweet.When I am on computer he always jumps up and watches....

About an hour ago I was in the kitchen cleaning after meals and I had a table knife which I smacked against the sink in order to flip off a crumb before loading into the dishwasher.
As I rose my hand with the tableknife I did not know Yoshi had jumped onto the counter directly behind me and it hit him on the nose tip....he startled and jumped off...I went to him but no dice...he runs if i come into the room...he went to the kitchen to eat and when he saw me as I walked in and jumped really jumped quickly to get away from me ~ I feel the meantime he hid in the i don't know where he is although his brother will find him...I am agonizing ! and thank you ~


Hi, I empathize with you because I have found similar situations with my cats at different times. An accidental kick when I walk into a room and don't see one of the cats, stepping on the end of a tail when one of them gets around my feet unseen...the list goes on.

It has been my experience that a cat will take its time watching you and deciding if you are still punishing them for something. Since they don't do the talking. Just speak to the cat in the normal comforting tone that they are accustomed to hearing and let them make the move to rejoin the comfort of your company.

Although they sometimes take their sweet time, they do come around and return to normal. I have one cat that runs under the sofa when I enter the room after I've dared to take her to the vet. She returns to normal just being left alone and making sure she has her dinner plate full (its empty in the morning). Sometimes she takes a week to forgive me.

As long as your cat wasn't injured then things should be back to normal soon. Hope its back to normal now, since I missed the note for a few days.

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May 04, 2015
Their own sweet time
by: joyfulsunrise

You are so right .....
I did talk to him but then just stopped. He really left me totally alone at the computer that night...
treats didn't help.
Mika...normal but kept looking over at Yoshi if they were not together in proximity.

That night I climbed into slumber and after about
15 minutes...Yoshi appeared at the door...just sat there for quite a while...I said nothing...finally he approached...stopped...then jumped up onto the bed. I did not move just talked gently and then began to stroke his back...he responded and stayed there ALL NIGHT...he never does that ...always goes after a time to find his brother... scary...have experienced distance after having been to the vet and once when they had to be kenneled when we were away for a few days ...but this was painful...I know it had to be painful for him...and reaction was normal for any animal and HUMAN ``` thanks so much
CatDetective for this forum ~~~

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