Felix the balding

I adopted a 6 year old, FIV cat from a vet. I do not live in the same area. He unfortunately got outside overnight a couple of months back. Since that time he has steadily lost hair from front legs and back to base of tail. He has bitten his base of tail up a little, but other then that, no other issues.
I have wormned him. I have treated him with Advantage. I have changed his diet to Canadian Naturals Chicken. He’s UTD in vaccines till June.
I’m without work due to COVID. Is there a idea on possibly why this could be happening?

Bonnie, don't get stressed out. This is probably a problem I dealt with when I took in a cat that was needy also. This is called "Alopecia".

You will find all the possible reasons on my page https://www.cat-health-detective.com/cat-hair-loss.html

An adopted cat can have stress levels that we don't realize pets can have. They react to the stresses by biting their fur, overgrooming, etc.
Read the page on my experience with alopecia with one of my cats, and relax. Cat Hair Loss

I think as time goes on and your adopted baby becomes more secure in really having a new home, this will dissipate.

Of course there are physical ailments that can cause this also, but they are the exception, not the norm.

Hope this is now resolved or will be soon.

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